Monday, August 6, 2007

A String Of Bad Luck

I sell stuff online. I sell on a couple of places such as,, and All can be wonderful. I had a large order placed from one of the sites. It happened to be an international order. When I called the company that supplies the tree air fresheners I sell, they told me it would be maxium $31 USD to ship to Scotland.

A day later I checked my statement and they had charged me almost $200 for shipping!! My bank account when negative by a couple of dollars because I wasn't expecting this. Luckily my bank didn't charge me a fee for this over draft. Also my supplier was able to fix their mistake and refund the extra money they charged me very quickly.

So then I join another program Melaleuca. They have WONDERFUL products. The fee to sign up had a special going in July, so I got in before it passed. Well, they charged my account the whole fee. Once again, my account when negative. This time my bank charged me a fee. I'm still waiting for the money to be placed back into my account, but Melaleuca has promised that it will be there and they will pay for my overdraft fee as well.

Argghhh. I wonder when this will end!!!


Lifeiseasy said...

wow that was a bummer ..but it will get better think positive :)

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