Where I Earn Online

  • RedGage - Like taking pics? Get paid for them here. You can also back-link your blog posts, upload videos, and add other links. I've made over $300 in the last 10 months here.
  • Swagbucks - Easy earnings for Paypal, Amazon, many other gift cards or prizes.
  • Beezag - Watch short videos and earn cash on Paypal, buy music, or donate to charity.
  • SuperPoints - Hit the SuperLucky button, watch videos, or complete offers for Paypal, Amazon, or many other gift cards.
  • Instant Cash Sweepstakes - Earn Paypal money by doing fun, super short (3 question) surveys.
  • Paid Viewpoint - Earn Paypal money by completing short surveys - NO DISQUALIFICATION! Get paid for EVERY survey!
  • Jingit - Earn cash that goes directly onto a debit card or redeem for music. Super easy earnings here!
  • Gift Hulk - A lot like Swagbucks. Earn for PayPal, Amazon, and much more.
  • Gather - Kind of like blogging only you get to interact with other members more. Earn Paypal or gift cards for many other popular places.
  • Royaltexts - Get paid to receive texts.
  • Sponsored Tweets - Get paid to Tweet!! Paypal
  • Gift Hulk - Like Swagbucks. Easy!

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