Thursday, February 17, 2011

Although I Missed You Being Born,

I already love you so much.


 I wanted to be there when you were born but you had other ideas. You decided to shoot out of your poor momma like a little torpedo. You were born just 1 hour after her water broke. I guess you just couldn't wait to see your new world and meet your mom, dad, and grandma.

You were born at 3:50 a.m. on February 12, 2011. I wanted you to wait till my birthday, which was only a week away. Again, you had other ideas. I still consider you the best birthday present. Ever.

I met you about 15 hours after you were born.

I drove about 54 miles to meet you. It took me just over an hour. I drove a bit faster than the speed limit, but don't tell anyone.

The sky was so beautiful as I was driving up. It was pink and blue streaks. It was about 43 degrees when I left Pueblo, and 46 degrees when I got to up to Colorado Springs. That's kind of weird, cause usually it's warmer down where I live.

I didn't get to meet your right away after I got to the hospital. Your grandma and her boyfriend were there with you.

Only one visitor could go in at a time with either your mommy or daddy because you were in the NICU. Don't worry about that too much though. Your oxygen levels were a bit low, but the doctors assured your parents that it was pretty common in high altitudes.

You have the longest toes and fingers. Your lips are absolutely beautiful. You're perfect.

I can't wait to get to know you in the coming years.

I've known your mommy for over 10 years now. She is one of my very best friends.

I want you to know that she has wanted you for so long now. I know she loves you from the very bottom of her heart. She will take care of you like you deserve to be taken care of. 

You and Momma

I haven't known your daddy very long. Just over a year now. I don't know him as well, but I do know he takes good care of your older brother and sister. He loves them like crazy.

You're in good hands.

I look a little high here, but it's only because I cried so hard when I found out I missed your birth.


Lin said...

Aww. I'm sorry that you missed the birth, but you have a lifetime to have other times together. :) Congratulations to everyone on the new baby!

Melissa Shell said...

Awww That was very sweet to read. What a blessed little baby to have you in his life.

Mandy said...

Beautiful post, beautiful photos, and of course what a beautiful baby!!

(Not sure if you remember me, I used to read your blog a lot when I was blogging about a year ago... I'm back now with a new blog)


Pearl said...

you are a sweet friend:-)

Rcel said...

awww! this truly made me cry! :)

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