Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Kids Won't Clean Their Room!!

so just a bit ago I got done cleaning it for them. I have been trying to get them to clean it for 4 days now. Usually they will at least straighten it up a bit. All of their toys are going to go to my husband's workplace, because he can store them their. They also keep telling me that they've hung up their clothes, or put them in their dresser. I found a heaping pile of clothes on their closet floor. I'm not sure they are dirty or clean or a mix of both, so they all have to be washed again.

I am getting tired of washing and washing their clothes, just to have to wash them again because instead of putting them away, they've thrown them on a heap on the floor. I told them that since they don't have toys, they will spend tomorrow hand-washing their clothes in the bathtub for something to do.

Please keep in mind, that just the 2 boys were part of this. They are almost 9 and 5. The baby was not a part of it, she has her own room.

Was I too harsh? Am I expecting too much of them? I gave them fair warning this afternoon, when I told them they needed to clean their room. I told them that if they didn't get it picked up, they would lose their toys until they could earn them back. We will set specific goals for them to be able to get their toys back.

What do you all do to get your kids to show a bit of responsibility?


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