Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Daughter Had Boobs!

My 3 year old daughter, Madison, has always had a fascination with boobs.

Why? I'm not sure.

Weird? Maybe.

Yesterday we're at my son's counseling appointment. His counselor is doing play therapy with him and has decided to include the entire family. So, all five of us are in the playroom with him (counselor) watching. We're playing with cars, helicopters, baby dolls - almost anything you can think of. It's awesome.
The dress-up clothes catch my eye. I spy 2 dresses, neither of which will fit me. Of course. So I grab the smaller of the two, a bright pink, sparkly dress. It has gloves and Boas to boot. It would have been perfect for the 80's prom night. I proceed to put the dress on my daughter. What I failed to notice is that the bodice of the dress has formed cups for breasts.
Immediately after getting this dress on, Maddy exclaims, " I have boobs!" We all tried not to laugh, but it was so unexpected. She ends up repeating this phrase 3 times during the session. After the 3rd time I make the mistake of asking her what she's going to do with them.

She says, matter-of-factly, "Shake them."

Is she my little chicken head? For sure.

God I love my kids. Life unscripted.


Harmony said...

Hahahahah....too funny :D

Lynne said...

Kids really do say the darndest things, don't they!

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