Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Rant For The Day ~ Dang Dog!

So, I just yelled at my youngest Labrador, Bogey. It went something like this:

"Bogey! NO, Bad Dog! Eating toilet paper is disgusting. You're so gross!"

The poor thing then dropped the toilet paper and hung his head in shame.

He has this addiction to toilet paper. Any kind of toilet paper. Toilet paper from the trash can, toilet paper the kids have dropped on their bathroom floor, whether it be used or not, rolled up toilet paper. He'll even eat it with the wrapper still on it!! I think I need to get him into a 12 step program because his habit can be very expensive.

He's just lucky I've never run out of it when I needed it most!

Do your animals have any weird or quirky obsessions? I'd love to hear about them.


Anne Albanese said...

We have a cat who has an obsession with sweaters. If he finds a sweater anywhere in the house, he will drag it to my room (where he sleeps) and snuggle with it, purring loudly and possibly doing things I would rather not think about :).

aybi said...

i have a dachshund her name is paige, she just love my daughter's rubber duckie. she just love the squeaking sound and tempted to get it everytime.So i bought her own.

Raquel said...

I had one. He likes to play with TP too, what I did, I gave him I roll of TP and let him play. After two weeks, he got tired. But later, he found another one to play or bite with...it was my favorite shoes. Grrr...

Just buy different toys for your dog.

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