Monday, April 30, 2012

I Finished It This Time!

As my 13 year old is asking me how C25K is supposed to help us and my 9 year old is literally running circles around me, I thought I just might die.

Not quite, but almost.

Ohhh, to have the energy of a 9 or 13 year old.

I did Day 1 Week 1 of the C25K running program over. It pissed me off that I didn’t finish it the first time.

I was able to finish that last minute of running tonight.

I stopped for a split second, but then kept running. I only had 13 seconds left. It wasn’t going to beat me.

My pace was a little faster.

I was happy about that, until I realized that I’m actually running twice as slow as when I was in the Army.

That was a few years ago…..but that’s besides the point.

I’m happy. I feel good.

I can’t wait to wear that sparkly skirt!!!

4 30 12

4 30 12 elevation


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