Sunday, June 10, 2012

Still At It

Yep, I’m still running.

It’s kicking my ass!!

But in a totally good way.

I feel so good after I run. That’s never happened in the past. You know when they say all those feel good endorphins kick in while exercising? I finally know what they feel like.

And I’m addicted.

I’ve been doing Zumba, as well. I found a place here in town that has FREE!! sessions 4 times a week.

Zumba kicks my ass too.

In a totally good way.

Today we went for a hike.

Hiking is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Hiking kicks my ass.

In a totally good way.

Plus, I got a pretty picture.


P.S. If you use Runkeeper to track your fitness let me know! I’d love to add you to my Street Team.


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