Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lose A Marathon

Lose Marathon

Jess over at Run with Jess has this super awesome weight loss challenge going on right now.

I decided to give it a try. I have much more than just a marathon to lose, but 26.2 pounds seems like a great place to start. Losing anything will help me to run easier. The challenge runs for 13 weeks, so my weekly weight loss goal will be 2 pounds.

This weeks mini challenge is to write out my weight loss plan.

  • Eat less than 1600 calories a day.
  • Keep carbs to the bar minimum to help with my blood sugar.
  • Zumba for 1 hour on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Run for 45 minutes Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Long run on Saturday (Anywhere between 3 and 13 miles)
  • Try to walk 6 miles Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Try to walk extra on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for a total of up to 6 miles (to get the maximum points for charity on Earndit.com)
  • Sunday is my rest day if I feel I need it. If not, then walking up to 6 miles it is.

This is actually the plan I’ve been following for the last couple of weeks. I do see some very small results on the scale. Nothing major, but every bit helps.

I will be measuring myself tomorrow. I think it will help if I’m able to see some good results there, just in case that damn scale doesn’t want to budge. I’ll post those, hopefully tomorrow. I might just wait until next week and add them in on my update post.

We also had to take some “before” pictures. I bit the bullet and did it, even though I really did not want to.

We can only hope there will be a very marked improvement in the next set I have to take. Don’t mind the shiny face. Zumba kicked my ass just shortly before the photo was taken. And the goofy grin? My husband is not much of an iPhone photographer. It took many, many shots before he could get one with my entire body in it, somewhat centered and not too blurry. It was hilarious!

You can join the challenge for the next week. Did I mention there are PRIZES involved?!?! Get on over to Run with Jess and sign up! Oh yeah, if 26.2 miles is too daunting or you don’t need to lose quite that much, you can sign up for the halfer, or just 13.1 pounds. Give it a try!

If you’re on RunKeeper look me up. There’s always room for one more on my Street Team (that sounds so dirty).

front june 18 2012

side june 18 2012

back june 18 2012


Joyce Lansky said...

This sounds like a great plan. I've recently lost 22 pounds. Unfortunately, I'm less than two weeks post op, so I won't be doing much in the way of exercising. No, surgery didn't do it. I've been counting carbs and had lost twenty before the hysterectomy. Good luck with your weight loss goals. I'd actually like to lose an ultra marathon before all is said and done.


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