Friday, March 13, 2009

Addicted to Food?

I think  yes. 

I have been on a diet for 2 weeks now. It is called Body Rejuvination and I am watched closely by a doctor.  This diet is extremely restrictive.

I have not been able to go 1 day without cheating on this diet. Either big or small I have cheated every single day. Every single day. 14 days and I have put something in my mouth that is not allowed.


The only thing I can come up with is food addiction

What do I do to overcome this? I don't know. I keep trying, but I am not successful. 

I have been keeping up with a cousins blog called Defective and Reflective. It is about her struggles with alcoholism and what she's doing to fight it. 

I honestly cry every single time I read her blog, whether she's updated it or not. I can feel her pain as though it was my own. The struggles she goes through are honestly the same things I go through with food. Her blog also parallels many other aspects of my life, which I have not yet delved into in this blog. That may come soon.

P.S. If you like her blog, you can also hit her frickin' hilarious blog Whacked in the Head. Try it.


Expat Mom said...

You know, I came to the same conclusion when I was about 20. Addictions run in my family and the only way any of us have ever been able to beat an addiction is by going cold turkey . . . the problem is that this doesn`t work too well with food!

Hang in there! I`m on a diet, myself. You might want to check out . . . there`s a really supportive community there and lots of ideas for sticking to your diet.

Whacked in the Head said...

Thanks for the props, cuz. You can do this thing. :)

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