Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Eyes Are Dry

Me: Let's do it.

Him: My eyes are too dry.

Me: Really?

True Story. And yes, I realize it make no sense what-so-ever.

So, I want to hear yours... What's the stupidest thing someone has said while turning you down? 

Spill it.


Mr. New Dilemma said...

I was right there and she said, "I have Herpes". Good enough for me, rolled over, slept, left the next day and never came back. I don't think she really did,lol.

Mee2 said...

I think I'll stick with dry eyes, thank you very much!! That's too funny!

The Mother said...

I honestly never heard that one, but I know I can't top it, so I won't try.

callmetracy said...

I'm usually the one making the stupid excuse. Keeping dry eyes on the back burner. Thanks for the suggestion! =)

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