Monday, January 11, 2010

I Feel Kind Of Like The Song

from my Music Monday post. I set it up a couple of days ago, just to get it done, so all I would have to do is post it. And of course I forgot to do just that.

I tried to write this earlier, but did something and ended up erasing almost everything I had already typed. I had tried to write fairly light-heartedly about my dogs trip to the vet today, but I just can't do it again.

She has hip dysplasia and osteo-arthritis that is so bad the vet was absolutely AMAZED that she could even walk.

The vet also insisted I let her do blood panels on Goldie. She suspects a thyroid problem, possibly cancer, and maybe kidney and/or liver problems.

I'm not even allowed to throw a Frisbee for her. And she LOVEEES a Frisbee.

Top left is Goldie at about 1 year old, next one down is from just this last summer, top right is her today. Can yous see the difference?


EmcogNEATO! said...

I have a soft spot for dogs. My ten-year-old mutt also has hip displacia. He's medium-sized so he gets around pretty well still, but he always trots around with his butt all crooked. Even though he's a little defective, he makes me smile. I like him better than most people.

Ann said...

What a pretty dog. I used to have a couple chocolate labs and the male had hip problems. It was so sad to watch him struggle. Broke my heart. My sister in law used to give her dog glucosamine tablets for his hip problems.

earthtoholly said...

Oh, poor Goldie. This is so heartbreaking and it makes us humans feel so helpless. Lucy's and my thoughts are with you and Goldie.

Thank you for visiting our place!

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