Thursday, January 28, 2010

My New Baby

No, no….please, don’t get too excited. Not that kind of baby. I had that fixed years ago.


What I’m talking about is my new camera.

I got a Nikon D5000. I LOVE it. LOVE it. LOVE it.


I have no idea to use a DSL camera, but this one makes it easy. It came with 2 different lenses, both of which I can use on automatic or manual.


By fluke I’ve gotten some pictures I really like.


Did I mention that I LOVE it?


I got this camera from an online company that is also a national chain of camera stores. My camera arrived broken. The little doohickey that keeps the flash down was broke. Is broke.

I called the company, today, finally. The almost non-English speaking person didn’t know how to do an exchange so he had to call me back. Uh, how do you not know how to do an exchange?

When  he called back he said that I would be able to ship the camera back and they would replace it. But one little information that I have to tell you…if the camera is out of stock when we go to replace it, we will just refund your money instead.

No thank you.

I got a GREAT deal on this camera. I got it for about $75 less than it’s listed for at the same site right now. I’m not going to send the camera back so I can end up paying more for it. I’ll just send it to Nikon to have it fixed under the warranty.

It really disappointed me that this company could maybe do an exchange. But maybe not. I guess I’m even more disappointed that the camera wasn’t in perfect working condition when they sent it to me. If you’re looking to purchase a camera and you’re going to do it online, email me and I will tell you where I would NOT purchase from again.


Ann said...

WOW, a new camera. Too cool. Looks like you're figuring it out pretty good.

That has to be the worst part about ordering something online. Especially when it's a company that you've never dealt with before.

Melissa Mashbun said...

I really like your pictures. I like things that I purchase to be in perfect working order as well.

Jen said...

It bites when things like that happen. You get something new and it doesn't work so you have to send it somewhere to get fixed and then you have to wait for it all over again. Still, $75 is $75.

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