Friday, June 11, 2010

Something Eerie Yet Beautiful

happened this afternoon.

I’m not even going to say fuck in this post.

We went to the graveyard to see where my husband’s grandpa and grandma are buried.

We have never ever been there before. My children and I have never even been in this state.

M.O.M. and Auntie were having a rough time and couldn’t locate the spot they are buried in. They were actually starting to walk the wrong way.

My 5 year old daughter took off in the other direction and went about 20 or 30 feet? I’m not sure. My depth perception sucks…

She went to a grave and yelled Here they are!

Sure as shit.

That’s where they were buried.

Was there someone guiding my daughter to that spot?

I’d like to think so.


Pamela said...


Ann said...

I suppose anything is possible.

Alison said...

Ooh that just gave me chills.

Lin said...

Commence scary music......

Anonymous said...


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