Friday, June 4, 2010

Yes. Sharpie Permanent Marker Does

come out of your carpet.

We had my son using Goo Gone and Goof Off. While these are both equally great products, neither of them does a fucking thing for taking Sharpie markers out of carpet.

But we had to make that little shit pay for drawing all over his carpet. We made him try to clean it for a while.

What did take the marker out of my carpet?

A Little Bissell Green Machine, plain old H2O and some good ol’ elbow grease.


My husband was able to get ALL of that fucking black marker out of my carpet.

He’s good for something.


P.S. I’m not exactly sure what my son meant when he said he wouldn’t treat his kids the way we treat him. We do not beat him. He very RARELY gets a spanking (you know, except for when he’s doing shit like I mentioned in the last post. And yes. He’s done every single one of them and more). He is a sensitive soul.


Ann said...

I guess your son lucked out on this one. Good thing your husband was able to get it all out. I think all kids go through that "I'm not going to treat my kids the way you treat me" They all think that they have it so rough. Mine frequently threatened me with childrens services and although I wrote the phone number down on a piece of paper and gave it to them, they never did


That was carpet? I though it was vinyl flooring! That's definitely a lot of work!

Lin said...

Oh, thank goodness it came out!!! Whew!

Jerry said...

Wow that sucks. Those products advertise to take just about anything out of anything but don't work on Sharpie and carpet.

Maybe he just meant he wouldn't make his kids clean their messes they make? I am sure when he gets older he will rethink that strategy.

Stinkypaw said...

You have a good husband.

As for the way you treat him, spanking isn't a bad thing if the kid's deserves it... and from your posts, he does at times...

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