Friday, October 21, 2011

Today Was A Good Day

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I got up before noon. And stayed up.

I got one or two things accomplished that needed to be done.

Kind of a bust though.

I wanted to go to a cemetery to take some pictures. My husband said hell no, it’s too creepy. I told him he was a sissy. And anyways, I’m the only one who believes in ghosts.

My second choice was to go to a pond in the City Park. He agreed to that one, but somehow missed the pond.

I brought my daughter to see one of my all-time favorite movies, The Lion King. She loved it, but at the end stood up and shouted Thank God that’s over. I’ve been sitting here for HOURS! I don’t know where she gets her drama from. Ahem.



Lin said...

I once dug up hostas at the cemetery. No, really, I did.

I was cleaning up my dad's grave when I noticed a really overgrown grave nearby. I started weeding and dividing the hostas--you know, to clean it up. Somehow those "leftover" hostas ended up in my car and garden.

Joe said it was stealing, but I thought I was just fixing up a neglected grave. Sheesh.

Your husband is chicken shit.

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