Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Coupon Abbreviations

So here is a list of coupon abbreviations for newbie’s like myself. ;) I was sent this and it is soooooo helpful when looking at other peoples blogs.

MQ = manufacturer coupon

MIR = Mail in Rebate

OOP = Out Of Pocket

P&G = Proctor & Gamble Sunday supplement coupons

Peelie = coupon that you peel off the package

RP = red plum coupon insert from Sunday newspaper

RR = Register Rewards (these are the catalinas that print out at Walgreens)

SS = Smartsource coupon insert from Sunday newspaper

Stacking = the art of "stacking" your coupons in a certain order so that they will ring up how you want them to

Tear Pad = A pad of refund forms or coupons found hanging from a store shelf or display

V = Valassis (same as red plum) coupon insert

WYB = When You Buy

Blinkies - Machines that spit out coupons in store isles

BOGO - Buy one get one free

Burn - Paying for purchases with ECBs or RRs that DO NOT generate more ECBs or RRs

Catalina - machine that spits out coupons, usually at grocery store

CRT - Cash register tape - coupons to use at CVS, target, etc.

ECB - Extra care bucks at CVS

FAR - Free after rebate

Filler - Getting other stuff for free when you go negative

IPQ - Internet Printable Coupon

OOP - Out of Pocket

Overage - When coupons make you go negative, add a filler

Peelies - coupons found on the package

Q - Coupon

Rain Check - When store is out of an item, they will give you a paper with the sale price and when they restock, you can take advantage of it!

Roll - Using ECBs or RRs to pay for purchases that generate ECBs or RRs

YMMV - Your mileage may vary, different at different stores

OAS: "one any size" Some coupons specifically state on them that they can be used on any size product.

POP: Proof of Purchase. This is the upc symbol on the package.

P/H: postage and handling

SAE: self addressed envelope

SASE: self addressed stamped envelope

SMP: specially marked package, meaning a package you find in the store that has been printed with a refund offer on it.

UPC: "Universal Product Code". It is that box of black lines that the checker passes over the scanner at the checkout.

WSL: while supply lasts.

Blinkies = coupon dispensed near product, in the store (usually from a "blinking" red box)

Catalina = a coupon dispensed at the register at the time of purchase (either at end of receipt or separate)

ECB = Extra Care Buck (CVS)

ESB = Easy Saver book (Walgreens)

ESC = Easy Saver Coupon (coupon found in Walgreens Easy Saver Catalog)

FAR = free after rebate

IP = Internet Printable (a coupon you print off the internet)

IVC = Instant Value Coupon

MFR = manufacturer

B1G1F: "Buy 1, Get 1 Free"

BTFE: Box Tops for Education

BRU: BabiesRUs

C/D: Complete Deal. A refund form with all the proofs of purchase needed to send for the refund.

C/O: cents off coupon, or cash off coupon.

CRTC: cash register tape

DCRT: dated cash register tape. Must show the date of purchase on the tape.

LSASE: long self addressed stamped envelope

NED: No Expiration Date

Being pretty new to Couponing, this was a MAJOR help.


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