Friday, October 3, 2008

My Daily Rant ~ Can you PLEASE pull all the way over when using cell phone?

So, most of us are in agreement that it can be dangerous to drive while talking on a cell phone, especially when you don't have a hands free set. Got it.

Most of us then agree that if you receive a phone call, you should pull over to a safe place to take that call. Got that too.

Then why IN THE WORLD would someone stop in the middle of a two lane road that gets a decent amount of traffic to talk on their phone. Why could this person not pull over to the SIDE of the road?

Yep, she stopped in the middle of her lane (of course it had to be a woman). Three cars had to wait for other traffic to pass so we could get around her.

Some people are so amazing.


Signe said...

People can be so oblivious!! It truly amazes me.

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