Thursday, October 2, 2008

I realize that most of the posts about my children, especially the boys, tend to be on the negative side. Well, we had some GOOD news last week!

The school they go to has a system where when they do something good, a teacher or other school employee, can give them a PRIDE card. The child then puts that card in a bin by the office and every day one name gets picked from each grade level. Then they get something small, like a pencil, or whatever.

Last week BOTH of my boys got a PRIDE card. Michael's name was drawn on Tuesday and he received two pencils. Dylan's name was drawn on Wednesday and he received two pencils. Dylan's name was drawn AGAIN on Thursday and he got a book!

I am so proud of my boys. I am overjoyed that the school is recognizing good behavior this year instead of just focusing on the negative. Kudos to the school and to my boys!!


Mekhismom said...

What a great way to recognize the positive things that children do.

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