Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Dog Cut Her Leg Again....

I went out onto the patio this afternoon to check on the kids outside. There was a ton of blood all over the entire patio. Immediately I start freaking out, asking the kids who was bleeding. They told me it was one of the dogs, but they didn't know which one.

I called all the dogs up to me. I couldn't go to them because I didn't have any shoes on or near me. Turns out my princess dog, Goldie, cut the back of her leg yet again. The cut is about 2 inches long and it's all the way through the skin, down to the fascia that covers the muscles and tendons.

She does this more often than I'd like. The first time was in December 2006. Both her and one of our other dogs, Gruff, cut themselves on the same day. He cut his foot and would have bled to death had he not been taken to the vet. Of course it was a Sunday too, so that bill was well over $1,000. The second time she did it was January of this year. That bill was only about $300 (only?). Now she's done it again, not even 10 months later, the poor thing.

Luckily we have money in savings. Unfortunately I have to pay it back, because we don't have very much in savings, and it seems like it always dwindles this time of year. Birthdays, holidays, what not.

I'll be taking Goldie into the vet first thing in the morning, so I'd like prayers or whatever you do, that her leg will heal quickly and without complications.

(And I'm sorry, this wasn't supposed to be a "poor me" post. It really was just intended to be about my poor puppy).


Casey said...

Poor pitiful dog! We have one who has cost us thousands in vet bills... from the time she broke out of her crate and ate the biggest bag of M&M's, to the time she ate a stuffed animal and the time she cut her foot open on the sprinkler. She's lucky I don't make her get a job!

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