Monday, October 27, 2008

Why I Am A "Mean Person" ~A Daily Rant~

It was a beautiful day here, so we decided to take the kids to the City Park. Lots of people were out and about. Lots of Adults, kids, families, just tons of people. Along with that came many, many dogs. Not a problem. Mostly.

The kids were playing on the playground, which is fairly big. Still, it was covered with lots of kids. There were a couple of families that brought their dogs over, but all of them were on leases and kept right next to adults.

One woman had a small child who looked like she had just learned to walk. I don't think the baby could have been older than a year, but probably around 10 months or so. This woman also decided to bring her dog. She soon realized that she couldn't play with her child while she was holding the dogs leash.

So she tied the dog up to one side of the playground. And then left the dog to go play with her baby. Really?

My daughter is 4. We have 3 dogs at home, so she loves dogs. She came over to try to pet the dog. My husband and I were standing right near the dog, on the edge of the playground. As she was going for the dog, I told her she could pet the dog without permission (a rule, that we don't touch other people's dogs without permission).

The lady then says, "yes, don't touch my dog. She won't bite, but she might bite if I'm not holding her leash." What?

My daughter made 3 or 4 attempts, one after the other to get to this dog. On the final one she got a little big closer, but still not within reach of the dog. This woman GRABBED my daugher's arm and told her not to go by her dog.

Okay. Now I'm pissed. I say to this woman, "Do not touch my daughter. You shouldn't leave your dog tied up away from you, especially if you think it might bite someone if you're not next to it."

The woman continues to try to argue with me, but I just keep repeating that she shouldn't tie the dog up and walk away from it, much less bring it to a park full of kids, if she thinks it might bite someone. What the hell was she thinking? Sounds like she was asking for a lawsuit if you ask me.

She stayed next to her dog after that. She was flirting with some man who had a couple little girls of his own. Her daughter wandered away from her, and came right in front of us. When she realized her daughter was next to us, she ran over, scooped her daughter up and said, " oh, don't play here, these people are mean." Ummm. Okay lady.

Please note in the picture how she is sitting right next to her dog after I tell her she shouldn't have left it alone - even though she insisted that "it wouldn't bite. But it might bite if I'm not next to her." After she was done over there, she went to the swings, and thankfully took her dog.


ModernMommy said...

Ughhh! I HATE mean people. And you were not the mean person.

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