Thursday, October 16, 2008

Legitimate Work At Home Sites I Found

I want to share a couple of websites I've found that seem like legitimate work opportunities. You don't have to pay to become a member or to search for jobs. If anyone is already a member of one of these sites, I'd appreciate some feedback, so I know if it truly is a good opportunity or not. This one has many, many opportunities for all types of job seekers. Payment terms are $1 per post of 100+ words plus $0.002 per impression. For the pay per post part of your compensation there is a max of one paid post per day. Posting more will help your CPM compensation, however, you will only earn $1 for the first 100+ word post of the day. This one is for mystery shopping. Once again, you don't pay anything to join or apply for the jobs. On this one, after you sign up and are accepted, they send mail to your home. After you receive it you have to input it into their system. You get 25 cents per piece of mail delivered to your home. In some instances they may ask you to send it back to them. In that case you get an additional 50 cents plus your postage reimbursed.


P.S. Only one of these has a referral link for me. I'm not sure how the referral thing works. The rest are just sites that you can go to. I do not receive any kind of compensation for you to sign up.


Custom Blog Designs said...

I know of 2 more that I have worked for: Where you get paid per question you answer. I have a referral link for this. CS from home.

Julie said...

Sweet. I'm a big time mystery shopper and paid survey taker (have links on my link page if you're interested) but have a hard time finding WAH sites. Thanks!

lori said...

Thank you! Great info and I'm checking the links.

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Erin Tales said...

Legitimate is always hard to find! Oh look Custom Blog Designs commented! You know, you can win a custom blog header from her at my site? LOL! the! Come look!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the links! My husband is a grad student so we look for all the extra income we can.

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