Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shit – I Mean Osmosis, Filtration, And Diffusion

Well, my fellow bloggers, I’d really love to give you a witty, funny, amazing post today. Really, I would.
But…it seems as if I have this little, itty-bitty lab report that I have to do. And basically sort of forgot about for 2 weeks.
It’s only on osmosis, filtration, and diffusion.  3 things I know almost nothing about. And don’t really give a shit about.
There are only:

  • 3 experiments to talk about
  • 3 graphs to make
  • 3 tables to make
  • a drawing of hemolysis (I think that’s when the blood vessels burst because they’re too full of shit) I’ll have to look it up
  • Calculate the filtrations rate
  • Some other busy work shit that they make me do
  • Even though I think it’s mostly a waste of my time
Can you tell how much I really want to do this report?
A pain in my ass.
And I actually pay them money so they can require me to do this.
What the fuck is wrong with me?
The picture on the left is hemolysis. Hypotonic means that there was less “stuff” in the cell, so then the stuff that was on the outside of the cell went to the inside of the cell, and eventually it burst.
Is that some fun stuff or what?


Lori said...

Fascinating stuff... best of luck with that...

EmcogNEATO! said...

Better you than me, dear. Good luck.

Ann said...

my condolences, it sounds

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