Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thank You To Michele From

gardenofthegods_074 Southern City Mysteries. This post is a long time coming.

A little while back I found Michele’s blog Southern City Mysteries. I can’t remember exactly how I found it.

This is a really a great blog. The title is pretty much self explanatory. If you love reading and you love reading mysteries, this blog is for YOU.

I became a follower of her blog. I lucked out and was one of a few who followed right around the point where she hit her 100 follower mark.

I was LUCKY and won a $15 gift certificate from


I’ve been wanting this book written by Heather B. Armstrong from FOREVER.

Thanks to Michele, I finally got it.

I read it. It’s great. If you love Dooce, you will love this book.

However, it pretty much sticks to the stuff I’ve already read on her blog from back when she was pregnant with her first child. There are a few additions, but it’s pretty much the same.

I highly recommend the book if you haven’t read those posts from her blog or you are a die-hard fan of Like me.

Thanks again, Michele!! You’re AWESOME!


Ann said...

I'm not familiar with any of those. I'll have to check out the links. Congrats on the win and getting the book you wanted

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