Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Music

Okay, wait. That doesn’t make a lick of sense.

That’s me.

A couple people have asked me who Rob Thomas is.

And after I died from shock and picked myself up off the floor, I thought a blog post would be the easiest way to explain.


Rob Thomas was first in the band Tabitha’s Secret.

Then he was the lead singer for Matchbox Twenty. Still is, I think.

He also launched a solo career in 2005.

Although I do love, love, LOVE Rob Thomas and Matchbox Twenty, I’m not a complete stalker, so really, I do not know everything. Or anything. About the bands or him.

He is awesome to follow on twitter.

Also on facebook. But he looks really mad in that picture.

Here is his biography on his website.

I just love his music, especially the music made with Matchbox Twenty. It speaks to my soul. It’s just real.

Here is one of my favorite songs by Matchbox Twenty. You’ll have to click the link and listen to it on YouTube. Embedding is disabled.

The picture was taken from the Wikipedia Website.


Ally said...

Someone once told my hubs he looked like Rob Thomas. Totally doesn't.

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

Jerry said...

I liked the song Carlos Santana did featuring Rob Thomas. It was awesome!

Alison said...

Jerry, I was just going to say that "Smooth" with Rob and Carlos was super popular. People must know that!

Rob was one of my dream lovers back in HS...

Anyways Melissa! Do you want my EC in about a week? All of it.. for free! I'm quitting Entrecard and I wanted to give it to someone that I super liked. :)

Lori said...

What?! Who doesn't know who Rob Thomas is? Travesty!

Ann said...

Sorry didn't mean to send you into shock. Will it shock you even more if I tell you I don't know Tabitha or what her secret is? Is she related to Victoria? She has a secret too.
Just so I don't appear to be a total idiot, I do know Matchbox Twenty and I like them.

Alison said...

Well I have almost 2000EC. I should have more by the time I pull the plug. It was just eating up too much of my time. I actually had time this morning to comment on blogs! Instead of just dropping on a 100 blogs. lol.

I'm still a follower so you won't be able to get rid of me. :P

Enguardia.Strawberry said...

I knew! I knew! Do I get a cookie? Please don't make it out of poo, or soapy fish!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Mmm. Rob Thomas. Good pick!

lori said...

Ummm, I thought it was the guy from the Waltons.

I like Matchbox Twenty though - just don't know their names. Don't hate me.


I remember cranking up 3AM every time it came on the radio....

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