Sunday, March 28, 2010

If You Do Not Like My Blog

or my profanity, I think that’s okay. Then don’t visit my blog. I think that’s okay too.

I realize my blog isn’t for everyone. I have a very odd sense of humor.

I mean, who thinks it’s funny when their friend makes a cookie shaped like a cross with the word fuck on it?

I do.

You can thank my mother for that.

What I am going to say next, I think is true for anyone following a blog they may not like, or a blog they fell out of love with, etc.

If you no longer care for a blog or do not want to read it any long, you really do not have to put in a little dig to that blog owner before you leave. You can leave quietly. That blog owner may or may not notice your absence, but that is okay.

This is an e-mail I received regarding my last post:

“I will not be visiting your site anymore. Your profanity is too much for me. It only shows that you're in a lot of pain. But as long as we live this life, we will be hurt in some shape of form. But you can overcome it and be better than it.

Blogs should entertain, encourage, educate and hopefully inspire. Your site does none of this for me. In my opinion, it only shows a young woman who lives with a lot of pain. There's nothing cute or hip about your constant profanity. There was a time in my life when I did something similar. Profanity was my crutch. I'm glad to say, I'm no longer that person.

I hope you find your peace and all of the joy that comes with it. May you have many miracles and blessings that will change your outlook.”

Oh the PAIN!! I am feeling right now. But only because she felt she had to let me know she is better than me before she moves on.

I don’t think she, or any one else for that matter, is better than me because they do not cuss.

“Profanity” is not my crutch. My doctor is awesome and prescribes some good shit. I don’t really need any other crutch.

If anyone else feels as if they no longer want to read or visit my blog, that’s fine.

Please, just leave quietly.

I don’t give a fuck if you stay or go.


Lin said...

What a fucking idiot. Good riddance, I say. Yeah, those god blogs are a hoot to read, aren't they?? Yeah/no. And it's not like you didn't give fair warning--I mean, look at your header. Is it your fault they didn't teach them to read in that christian school??

I'm still trying to figure out how saying the word 'fuck' means you are in pain. Gees, I must be needing a doctor for how much I use it.

Whatever. Move on and shut the hell up, holier-than-thou reader person.

Trish said...

Amen sister! Cussing a Crutch? Keep up what you are doing, I find it very funny and look forward to it!

Tracey said...

Blogs are not meant to be anything other than what they are.....a creative outlet for the writer. They DON'T have to entertain, enlighten, educate or anything of the like. It's like saying art has to be one or even three can create whatever you like and post it for anyone or noone to see.

Again, if you don't like a blog...move's ok, nobody expects you to read and enjoy every single blog you come across.

I think that comment was not meant to say "I'm better than you" that comment was made (and I know this because I have done it before) was to say "you have touched a nerve in me, you have hit on my own insecurities and sometimes jealosy so I'm going to put up my defenses and attack it so as to say NOPE NOT ME"

Lori said...

Hahaha. Holy fuck, I can't believe someone actually took the time to write to write. what a fucking weirdo. Seriously, it's the inter-web, people. Don't take yourself so fucking seriously. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Cock. *Oops, if that my crutch, or am I just happy to see the back of you??*

Ally said...

Dear Really Girl:
Your blog is filthy, filthy and needs to be removed from the internet. Hee hee!

WE LOVE YOU! DO NOT CHANGE! Has anyone ever heard of freedom of speech.

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

Melissa Mashburn said...

It is silly that she would complain about the use of the f-word. (I admit I am one of those who rarely cusses.) There is a statement at the top of this blog that WARNS readers about how much that word is used in this blog.

In my opinion, she is not taking ownership for her own actions. She chose to follow a blog where there is a disclaimer about the language in it. Then instead of leaving quietly, she had to turn it into a drama.

How dare she say someone is in pain because they use the f-word? That is just silly and she is making statements that may or may not be true.

She is the one who is the child for creating this drama.

OK Rant over.

Pam said...

It is my biased opinion that the reader you are referring to should NOT let the mother fucking door hit her in the ass. I love this blog. Its my crutch.

Kelly said...

fuck her.

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

Not that you care, but I love cursing and people who swear. There is just something very cleansing about letting it out. I can't believe I didn't find your blog sooner.

Pamela said...

I have yet to come across a negative comment. And my mouth is so not right, it's in my "About Me" section though that if you don't like it, suck it. I followed you originally because of your usage of the word "fuck".... HAHAHAHAHA! What a biotch!

Enguardia.Strawberry said...

Dude, fuck her. FUCK HER!!! I love your blog!!! You know what causes me pain? Holier than thou bitches like that.

Jerry said...

I personally enjoy your sense of humor and find it refreshing to find out how you worked a "fuck" in somewhere.

Keep on doing what your doing!

Cashier said...

What an asshole. You are who you are. People don't have to like it. I love your sense of humor and I find the use of profanity quite amusing.

I swear a lot, I swear on my blog, I swear in person, and I love to swear in comments. One of the reasons I like your blog is because I can feel free to talk like I normally do and not have to double check my post in case I used a swear word by accident.

Fuck that person. Keep up the good work! :-)

Ann said...

Since when does a blog have to entertain, encourage, educate or inspire it's readers?
I think the sole purpose of a blog is to entertain and inspire the AUTHOR.
My blog is my source of entertainment and I put there what I choose to put there. Like you, if someone doesn't like what I have posted, then don't visit.
I like coming here, it's my daily dose of the word fuck.

Lori said...

Ahhh, I just wanted to come back and add one more fuck for good measure.

Fuckity fuck fuck fuck. So there.

Alison said...

Wow what a fucking ho bag. (Teehee I love cursing here)

I thought some blogs are more like journals? They don't always have to entertain, or encourage or any of that jackass crap. Because not everyone is happy go peachy lucky all the time. And if you are living in a fantasy land where you don't feel like shit and your life isn't crap, than I want to go live there. Because it sounds nice, but I for one feel like crap sometimes, and I want to get it out. Not bottle it up.

So fuck you bitch.

(I think you bring out the sailor in me Melissa! LOL)


Good riddance! Blogs are for self expression! Speak your mind!

Tara Beaulieu said...

The fucker!

Powdered Toast Man said...

people are so touchy. Whaa Whaa Whaa!! Did you email that bitch back?

It's your blog, you can do what you fucking want. Isn't that what a blog is for, to express yourself?

Anne said...

I have to admit, I like blogs that do those things, but even more, I like blogs that make me laugh. Profanity can be funny.

multiculturegirl said...

I fucking love cursing be gone stupid chick who is allergic to the word fuck just because that's her story doesn't make it yours damn! I'm honest about my sailor mouth I feel like damn I don't drink, smoke, or get high I AM GOING TO CURSE FUCK YOU TO ANYONE WHO SAYS I CAN'T!! So there! Love you chick!

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