Monday, March 22, 2010

Music Monday ~Lovefool~ The Cardigans

I fell in love with this song when I heard it on the movie Romeo and Juliet. Ya know, the one that came out in 1996 starring Claire Danes and…shit, I can never remember his name…hang on…Leonardo DiCaprio…yes, that’s it!! Folks, I an google the shit out of anything.

Nothing but the most refined and cultured movies for me.

I love this song. I think almost everyone has loved or longed after someone, whether it be just a little, or maybe a whole lot, and the other person hasn’t reciprocated (OH SHIT, she’s using BIG words!!) the feelings.

That’s what this song means to me.

And the motherfucking neighbors dogs just started barking. What the hell? It’s midnight and those little assholes are barking up a motherfucking storm. One of my biggest pet peeves. I don’t give a shit if the dogs bark during the day, but why let them stay outside all night barking? It just ain’t right people.

On another side note, I found a recipe through Em for banana oat muffins. OHMYGODARETHESEGOOD!! Meg, please note that I did not say fuck in the same sentence as God. Ah, shit. I screwed that one up.

Anyways I made my with brown sugar instead of white sugar. Wait. That sounds racist. I mean granulated sugar. Only because I can’t remember to put granulated sugar on the list so I’ll remember to buy it. And I only used egg whites instead of whole eggs. My cholesterol is high as a motherfucking kite. I’m quite jealous, actually.

Okay, sorry, sorry. I love to talk. I can’t help it. This is supposed to be about the music and all I can do is sit her and talk about stupid shit. And blaspheme God. And sound like I’m being a racist. I’m totally not.

I love you guys!

Here’s the video (if you’ve made it this far, through all of my dribble).


fickleinpink said...

looove this song!

…so glad to find this blog, now a follower!
wishing you all a great week!

xoxo, FickleInPink

Having you Near Me, Air Supply

Lori said...

Swearing, blasphemy, racism... I like. Keep up the good work.

Ann said...

I can always count on you to give me a good laugh. I refuse to listen to the song though because I'm currently anti love, anti men, and anything to do with either of the

Meg said...

Blasphemer! You blaspheme! You are so going to hell for that one. Or maybe for the racism. Idk. One of those might get you there.

And OMG. I love that song. Almost as much as I love Cranberries "Dreams". Ah, makes me happy.

Jerry said...

I actually do like this song but had no idea it was Cardigans until the wife pointed it out like a couple weeks ago. I always thought it was a Spice Girls song.

Interesting side note: VH1 was doing one hit wonders this Saturday and this song was on that list.


Great song!

Nicky said...

Did you swear? I didn't notice. Great song though!

Ally said...

NOO! I thought that was the best song until I realized this song was from that movie too... So cute! Almost used it in the photo montage at our wedding! Totally posting it on my FB page now. Ha ha!

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