Saturday, March 13, 2010

What? What Are Those Things In

DSC_0288 picture?

My tickets to go see SUBLIME!!!

They are coming to Denver on April 26. My friend and I are going.

Woooooo Hoooooo!!!

The next thing I’d like to point out is the fact that when I google the words motherfucker or motherfucking, my blog isn’t on the first page. Or the second. Or like the first ten pages, as far as I can see.

That is extremely disappointing.

Especially since if you google things like

Really? blog is either listed first or second.

And although these are nice searches, I would really love to be first for such words as:

  • piss ass
  • motherfucker
  • motherfucking
  • for shit sakes
  • for fuck sakes
  • what the fuck

It’s what I aspire to. I’m looking forward to doing great things with my life.


EmcogNEATO! said...

LOL!Keep bloggin', girl. You are bound to make page one sooner or later.

Alison said...

I am fucking jealous of you going to see Sublime! Have a great time!

And those are great aspirations! One day you will make the motherfucking first page!

(Weee I <3 commenting on your blog. I can curse without a little kid later saying the same thing...)

Kelly said...

i, for one, am supremely disappointed that you're not first. you should be the #1 site for all of those searches. what the fuck?

and i am extremely jealous of your tickets. the weather here just started to warm up which is my cue to bust out my favorite sublime cd (don't ask, it's just my thing about sublime. for me, they are a warm weather band). but i have to say, i'm not a fan of replacing a singer when you're talking about such an iconic band like sublime. it's like replacing ozzy (ok, not that serious, but still...). it's just wrong.

Ann said...

It's nice to know you have Have fun at that concert

Anonymous said...


The Plastic Mancunian said...

A nice goal to have - and smething that appeals to something like me.

I try not to use the word "fuck" on my blog - which is a bit crap cpnsidering how often I use it in everyday speech. it's such a versatile word, if you think about.

Good lock on your quest.




Lin said...

Although you are very talented in the swearing department, I don't think you are the worst (best???). I love your creative, subtle use of mofo though. It makes me feel right at home. :)

Laura's Leaner Life said...

Ok so call me stupid (or fucking stupid if you like) but didn't the dude from Sublime die years ago? They still tour?

Pam said...

I used to karaoke the hell out of Santeria. Damn I love this bar I mean blog.

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