Sunday, March 28, 2010

On Sunday, No Less

Happy Motherfucking Easter. Love ya’ll.

Easter 001


Gayle Herbert Robinson said...

That's really not necessary. I'm sorry for your pain.

Mee2 said...

Of course it isn't necessary. That's the beauty of this blog. I can put whatever the fuck I want on it.

Just to be clear, I didn't actually make that cookie. My friend did.

So she's going to hell. Not me.

Dan said...

I like it. It looks very sacri-licious.

Ann said...

LOL at Dan sacri-liciious, that's a good one. You do certainly have a unique style when it comes to celebrating the holiday.

Alison said...

I would totally gobble that up.

But wrong holiday right. Nom nom nom

Lin said...

Yeah, tell me Jesus wasn't thinking that while he was hanging on the cross. (I'm gonna burn in hell for that, aren't I?)

Anonymous said...

ROFL WIN!!! Sacralicious just got added to my dictionary!

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