Monday, March 8, 2010

Music Monday ~Unwell~ Matchbox Twenty

Have you missed me?

I know I’ve been a shitty blogger lately. I kind of have an excuse?

I have been having a TON of anxiety lately, which is causing me to get next to no sleep, which in turn causes me to barely function.

I’ve been trying to get around to everyone’s blog. I make it every day, and I usually don’t comment, but I’m there.

I thought this song was rather fitting for how I’m feeling right now.

I LOVE you guys!!


Alison said...

I forgive you. Mainly just because you have great taste in music. LOL

I hope you are able to get some rest soon and can start feeling more like yourself!

Ally said...

Just remember I'm your up-all-night buddy too. It sucks. I have no excuse though. I'm not doing school work and I don't have kids that keep me occupied all day long and use the night time as "my time"... :(

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you can find your "spot" and reduce the anxiety and get some rest.

Ann said...

Hope things start looking up for you. Don't worry about the commenting thing, I saw you lurking in the corner of my blog so I knew you were there. I love this song by the way, it's always been one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

((hugs)) ((hugs)) ((hugs))

Pam said...

I love Rob Thomas. I facebook stalk his ass all the time.

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