Monday, March 15, 2010

Music Monday ~Cry Little Sister~ G Tom Mac – My Small Tribute To Corey Haim

I realize this video doesn’t show much of Corey Haim.

What the fuck?

Anyway, this is the theme song to The Lost Boys (just in case you didn’t know). This is my favorite movie that he acted in.


Ann said...

Cool video. I must be getting to old. I have no idea who Corey Haim Never seen the lost boys either.


Lost Boys was fantastic! I love this song! I miss Corey Haim.... Did you see the Can You Guess This TV Theme last Friday? It was my weak attempt at a tribute to Corey.... :)

Lin said...

I never saw that movie. So what happens to the cute guy?? Does he get the girl? huh? Does he???

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Death by Stereo!

Yup, I adored the Lost Boys. I had an unhealthy relationship with that movie, most likely.

Have you heard the remake of Cry Little Sister? It's well-done, but ... not the same.

Jerry said...

Wow, I have never actually seen that movie. With a bad ass looking Keifer Sutherland on a bike. How did I miss that?

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Nope, the new Cry Little Sister I was referring to is done by Seasons After.

And yep, I really get signed copies of books. And unsigned copies of books. It's all part of the writer vibe, ya know?

(ha. the captcha aMETALas)

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